Happy New Year – A 365 Project


This year I decided to give the photo a day challenge another go. Now that I’ve made the leap into the 21st century and gotten an iPhone, I figure it’ll be much easier. I’ll be taking my photos with my phone and uploading them through the WordPress app.

Day 1: Batcat


We watched the latest Batman movie on DVD as we waited for the new year. This is Boo Boo Bear Cat aka Boo sitting on my lap watching the movie after the ball dropped. He was a bit disappointed it wasn’t a ball of string.


I’m baaack!


My three month old laptop died.  Yes, THREE months old.  It kept having blue screens so I called up Lenovo.  The technician (if you can call her that) promptly helped me finish killing the thing off.  It wouldn’t even start Windows.  She told me it was a hard drive problem.  So it got shipped off to B.F.E. ahem, Texas.  Two days after I got it back it blue screened again.  They didn’t even bother to replace the hard drive, they just reimaged it.  Yeah, like that’s going to work.  I’ve disabled hibernation because I was getting the majority of the blue screens when it came out of hibernation.  Now I’m just holding my breath.  I’m hoping that fixed it because I really don’t want to ship it out again.  I can live without hibernation.

In other news, I’ve started two part time jobs.  One is in an office and the other is retail.  I’ve only ever been a teacher or worked in an office so retail has been interesting.  I’m hoping to get back to teaching in the fall.  I’ve been told that if I ever want to be a librarian, I’ll have to go back to teaching so I can get my foot in the door.  Whatever it takes, right?

I’ve been trying to finish The Hunger Games before the movie comes out.  Last time I didn’t get to finish a book and went ahead and saw the movie it ruined it for me (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).  I have no desire to read it now.  Sad.

Anyways, I’m hoping to go geocaching tomorrow.  I only have today and tomorrow off but it is spring break after all.  I’ve had a lot of classwork lately so I haven’t had much free time for crafting or caching.  If I get to do either tomorrow then I will do a posting.

Cache of the day


I had cabin fever and since the snow was gone, I headed out for “Street car tracks of the past.” As I was walking to it, I was wondering why it was a 2.5 terrain. Boy, did I find out! Luckily, I only sent rocks sailing through the mud instead of sailing through it myself.

Yep, it was under that bridge.  Yikes.

Cameo Necklace


I’ve always loved cameos and have a few necklaces and a brooch with them.  I decided to combine that with my love of long necklaces (and pearls and the color purple too).

Here are a couple of photos of the finished product:

With the photo above you can see the length of the chain.  And with the photo below you can see the detail of the cameo.

IH Clock


Here is the clock I made for my dad for Christmas.

For those of you who don’t know, IH stands for International Harvester.  You know, the red tractors.

I made it from a clock kit I bought at the craft store.  I printed a photo of the IH symbol to use as a guide as I painted.  I did a few coats of white in the center until the wood grain no longer showed.  I did the same with the red and then the black outer area.  Once it was dry, I painted the symbol.  The numbers were separate wooden pieces which I painted black and glued on.  I had a “yikes” moment when one of the numbers broke but I was able to glue it back together and paint over it.  You can’t even tell which one it was.  After that, I followed the instructions and installed the clock mechanism.  Easy peasy.  I wish I had taken “in progress” photos but I’ll remember to do that next time.

P.S. Dad loved it.  Yay!

Dachshund Pillows


Here are the dachshund silhouette pillows I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas.

I don’t think this photo quite does them justice.  I couldn’t seem to get the lighting just right.  Oh well.

They really weren’t too difficult to make.  What was difficult was two uncooperative sewing machines!  Four tries later and they were made.  I’ll finish posting about them later with a tutorial.